Global Warming

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Global Warming is like you park your car in the sun and after sometime when you comeback, the heat that is trapped in the car is same what global warming is. Global warming is the heating of the earth due to the gases like methane, water vapours and Carbon oxides in the atmosphere. They block the re-emission of heat that came from the sun to the earth. As a result, the temperature of the earth is rising.

Global warming has resulted in various phenomena like heatwaves that are making the cities unable to reside in. Spain 2016 Heatwaves and Pakistan subsequent heatwaves are a case in study.

Similarly, Global warming has also resulted in massive floods that not only caused haman life losses but they also resulted in massive financial losses. Last year Septemeber floods of Pakistan is a case study for Global warming in the world.

Food insecurity is also a major problem arising from Globa warming. Droughts and Floods are resulting in the loss of crops production that is resulting in food insecurity for the masses.

In order to overcome Global Warming, it is necessary that crop patters are changes to make agriculture climate-resistent. Similarly, Green infrastructure and urban planning is a way forward. Renewable energy transition around the globe can also serve the purpose. If these measures are taken, makind can fight the menace of Global Warming.

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